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How To Make The Most Out Of LinkedIn Stories

How To Make The Most Out Of LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn has levelled up its creative game and now lets its users share Stories. Stories are an excellent tool to use to help reach new audiences and connect and engage with existing audiences. 

We are going to outline all you need to know about LinkedIn stories and why you, yes you, should be using them.

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The Beginner’s Guide

At the moment you can only post LinkedIn stories through its mobile app available on the Apple Store or Google Play.

Once you post a story, it’s shown for 24 hours to any of your connections and followers. 

Following its publication, users are unable to edit content, but it can be deleted if desired. 

Your connections can also share your story to any of their connections, given the permission settings. 

Users are also able to even block a connection or follower from seeing a story. 

Thing You Might Not Know

Want to share your story with your connections? No problem. LinkedIn users are able to send stories directly through the platform’s messaging system. 

Another great feature is that users can also save individual posts from your story within the 24 hours they are live. 

This makes stories versatile and for you to create and share via LinkedIn but also on other platforms as well.

Analyse The Performance Of Your LinkedIn Ads

A good way to access how your LinkedIn ads are performing is via the insight option. 

Through this you can see the reach of your content which is measured by the total of unique viewers who have viewed your story. 

A unique viewer is someone who views your story post at least once.

Utilising this option, you can also see your viewer’s name, known job title and current company.

This enables story users to learn what type of content perform the best and enables them to tailor your strategy accordingly. 

Get Creative

A good way to make your stories engaging is by using the additional features LinkedIn provides.

There are a plethora of stickers you can add as well as the option to add text.

Not only this but you can also use its ‘question of the day’ feature.

Whilst this feature is only limited to the questions they provide, it is still a great way to connect with your followers and find out more about them

Let your creativity flow and have fun with stories 

Has your brand experimented with LinkedIn stories?

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