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A Six-Step Guide to Crafting Unique and Engaging Content on LinkedIn


Every creator has asked themselves the same question, ‘How do I create content that stands out?’  

Ann Handley said it best and we couldn’t agree more. “Useful & enjoyable & inspired = innovative content”. Provide useful information to your audience, deliver it in a way that they (and you) can easily understand and enjoy, and be passionate about what you post. Here are some ways that you can make your content stand out. 

Switch up the format of your content


You may have been posting in a specific way for a while that hasn’t been working. This is your sign that it’s time to shake things up. Try a mixture of content, long-form as well as short-form content. 


Text-based posts are ideal when you want to share insights and show thought leadership. Using images and infographics helps you to catch the eye of your audience and simplify ideas that may otherwise seem complex. 


Videos engage your audiences as they help you with dynamic storytelling. Your audience will be able to see and hear how you speak about certain topics, as well as putting faces to your tone of voice.  

Documents, such as PDFs, enable you to share in-depth information as well as your expertise. You can also use articles and polls to inspire new conversations. Using different forms of content will help you maximise your LinkedIn presence, and gain a deeper insight into the type of content your audience likes and is more likely to respond to. 

Be your authentic self


This is what will truly set you apart from other creators and help you to build meaningful connections. Showing your genuine self on LinkedIn and allowing your personality to shine through your content helps you build credibility with your audience as they will be able to relate to you better. You can share personal stories and experiences, and use anecdotes to encourage open and honest conversations. Your authenticity is a key factor that will allow you to stand out in your field.


Leave room for people to get involved in the conversation


Posting thought-provoking questions or speaking about current, relevant topics will encourage people to get involved in the conversation. You can encourage conversations by commenting on or even resharing posts with your own opinions. When you post your own content, it is important that you also respond to them and engage with your audience. Invite them to share their perspectives, as if you’re speaking directly to them. This will help you gain more traction on your post and also build your network. 

Use engaging visuals where you can


LinkedIn users appreciate good, relevant media when they are reading a post. It is no surprise that text with image posts are the type of content that performs best on the platform. You can also use different types of content, as we discussed earlier. This can be in the form of still images, videos, infographics and carousels. When used right, these visuals will quickly grab your audience’s attention and enhance the readability of your post. Visuals can also give users clearer or new perspectives on the topic you are speaking about and help you increase engagement.  

Be consistent in delivering high-value content


It’s true; consistency is key. Being consistent is the key to capturing and maintaining your audience’s attention. This does not mean you have to post every single day. Find a routine that works for you. This could be three or four times a week at a specific time.  

It is important that you share valuable content that educates, informs, solves problems, or even just makes your audience laugh. Make it shareable and engaging so that you can increase your exposure on the platform. Let your audience know that you show up consistently and you have knowledge to share with them when they need it. This will help you attract a more targeted and relevant network, and improve your engagement.


Break that creative block


If you're unsure of what to post or worried about the relevance of your ideas, our content theme planner can help. Generate topic ideas instantly and jumpstart your content creation process. Don't let a lack of inspiration hold you back. Learn more about our content theme planner here and start creating eye-catching content that will elevate your LinkedIn account. 


Using these six steps can help you on your content creation journey and improve your digital presence on the LinkedIn platform.


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