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Optimise content performance and grow your influence with invaluable LinkedIn post analytics delivered in real-time.

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Track your growth

See how your content performance is trending over time with intuitive data visualisations that can guide strategic improvements.

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Increase audience engagement

Learn what your audience likes and what they don’t, with insights on overall account performance and specific post engagement metrics.

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Spend more time creating

Simplify your analytics process with automated performance insights, so you can focus on creating more impactful posts.

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Choose a Vulse plan, sign up, and connect multiple personal profiles or company pages from LinkedIn.

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Head to the Post Analytics tool for a performance overview of each post across all of your accounts, as well as account-level performance visualisations.

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Use filters and searches to refine your view. Dive into the detail by exploring posts one-by-one, seeing how your audience engages with them. Learn from the data and start working towards performance growth.

Use data insights to accelerate your growth and amplify your reach

Our real-time analytics are essential for the success of your personal branding and marketing strategy. Our Post Analytics tool helps you to track the metrics of your LinkedIn posts and identify areas for improvement right from your dashboard.

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