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Content theme planner that shows how user can generate LinkedIn content ideas.
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Develop content ideas instantly

Discover post ideas that align with your brand’s core themes. Deliver genuine value for your audience to build a strong LinkedIn presence.

Vulse AI gives users suggested topics to cover. Topics vary depending on user.

Boost engagement and reach

Develop content plans that maximise engagement to captivate your audience, boost visibility, and expand your network. Watch your account grow from your dashboard.

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Save time and effort

Eliminate writer’s block with instant Vulse-generated content theme recommendations that are relevant to your area of expertise.

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Join Vulse and choose your plan, connecting multiple personal profiles and company pages from LinkedIn.

Display of the predicted rating of your post using Vulse analytics

Head over to the Content Theme Planner and enter up to three keywords for our AI-powered tool to generate powerful content topics from.

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Export your content ideas and use them to fuel new LinkedIn posts, using our other AI-powered tools to create high-impact, engaging content.

Say goodbye to post anxiety with our Theme Planner

Have you ever suffered from a lack of content ideas? We've all been there. Our Theme Planner helps you overcome this. With our amplification engine, you can generate unique, quality LinkedIn content with a few simple clicks, all matched to your tone-of-voice.

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