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B2B Marketing Goals You Can Achieve Through The Power Of LinkedIn


Setting up a business page on LinkedIn is the first step, but without understanding its true value for your marketing goals, reaping the benefits of utilising the business-focused platform will not materialise. This is where our knowledge can help you achieve your business’ marketing goals. 


Did you know that LinkedIn is now the number one content distribution channel for B2B marketers? 


Well, with 94% of businesses already utilising the platform in this way, it’s time for your business to share its marketing content. LinkedIn should be at the forefront of your marketing activity and if it is implemented effectively, this can boost your abilities to hit and exceed your marketing goals.  


The best part, it doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, there are plenty of opportunities to leverage LinkedIn for any size company. 


Be Innovative


Not necessarily a marketing goal as such, but incorporating LinkedIn into your B2B marketing strategy opens up new opportunities for your business to try new ways of connecting with new clients. It’s easy to get stuck in your ways when you have proven marketing tactics but mixing things up can shed new light on ways to meet your goals. Thinking outside the box with your marketing and utilising LinkedIn can get you closer to exceeding your potential. 


LinkedIn marketing enables experimentation, such as with when and what to post. Is there anything your competitors are doing on their LinkedIn which you could improve or is there a LinkedIn gap in your industry that you can fill with your post ideas? Being innovative is an important part of LinkedIn to help you stand out from the crowd and show why you are industry-leading in all aspects, including your marketing ideas and goals. 


Increasing Brand Awareness


Only around 1% of LinkedIn users share weekly posts, this means that compared to the number of users, content is limited. This is great news as this leads to more chances for you to be a LinkedIn marketing leader in your sector. Posting about your business and its upcoming events, blog posts, award wins and latest projects will be sure to get you noticed. Regular and relevant content (paired with sector-specific hashtags, of course) will enable you to build an audience up in your industry. And the right audience will be aware too. 


LinkedIn will increase your visibility as more businesses will be aware and recognise your brand through the content you post. This is your opportunity to add some character to your company through posting content that will get your name out there in the LinkedIn world.  



Competitor Differentiation


Whilst you can differentiate your business and its offerings, a great way of standing out from the competition is showcasing what you are all about on LinkedIn, in a professional way. LinkedIn acts as a channel for you to ultimately show HOW and WHY your business is different (and better) than your competitors. 


Showcasing your clear positioning through your LinkedIn posts will help you to reach the marketing goal of differentiating from companies offering similar products and/or services. Your presence on LinkedIn strengthens the messaging of why you’re unique, which leads us on to the next marketing goal. 


Lead Generation


A main goal of marketing is of course getting new leads to gain more business. As we mentioned in the previous point, LinkedIn can help with achieving differentiation through messaging and showing how on socials. Posting industry-relevant content will attract others and make them want to find out more about your company. Messaging which leaves prospects thinking “I want to find out more about this company” is how leads can be generated through marketing. What’s great about LinkedIn is that it can be tailored specifically towards the exact industry you’re in through hashtag use, private groups, sponsored content and ads. 


By showing how you differentiate and increasing brand awareness, you can create more business for your business. LinkedIn exposes you to new potential leads you may have never even considered before. 


Customer Retention  


The sales cycle is not a straightforward process and involves evaluation at every stage, even once you gain customers this doesn’t necessarily mean you will retain them. Understanding this and adapting content to your existing customers is therefore also an important aspect of B2B LinkedIn marketing.  


Relationship building is a key part of ensuring that your customers remain satisfied with the value you are bringing to them. As important as it is generating new leads, marketing towards current consumers through messaging based around CRM. Retaining customers is essential for long-term growth and profit, so when creating LinkedIn posts, ensure that your existing customers are also considered and customer follow-up is personal.


Drive Customer Traffic  


90% of traffic from B2B websites comes from LinkedIn which shows just how powerful the platform can be for generating business. LinkedIn Groups are an especially useful way to network with new customers as the focus is not to hard sell, but to engage in conversation about certain discussions in your industry. 


Your company page on LinkedIn is a central place for you to market your business. Ensuring that this is optimised by completing your profile and posting regular engaging content will help to drive traffic to your website and blogs. 

As LinkedIn is a business-specific platform, industry-relevant posts perform well and are popular among customers. Including insights through presenting rich media to your audience will help to boost traffic. 


Utilise Customer Data


As LinkedIn has the ability to be highly specific to industries, customer targeting is made easier as you already have the advantage of understanding who your customers are and what they buy. Using this data, you can segment, target and position your business offerings to the most suitable potential customers on LinkedIn. It’s a no brainer really, why wouldn’t you use the data you already have to learn and build from it? You can see what works well with your existing customers and tailor what you already know about them to develop further messaging for new potential customers. 




The ability to incorporate text, images, documents, polls, videos, articles and events on LinkedIn posts means you can share greater insight and detail about your business. Storytelling marketing helps to instil authenticity about your company through a narrative being developed to communicate with your audience. Followers on LinkedIn who feel inspired about your posts are more likely to interact, which will then lead to these actions appearing on their connections’ feed. 


Telling compelling stories about your brand provides a greater connection with your followers (including prospects and customers). This will help to foster trust and improve loyalty, showing how the storytelling capabilities of LinkedIn funnels into achieving marketing goals such as increasing consumer loyalty. 



Increase Sales Value 


LinkedIn also has the power of showing your full products/services available to businesses. For instance, a business may come across your business page for one service but then see posts. This enables you to cross-sell and upsell to your audience as they are exposed to the wider offerings you provide. Promotions and offers in your LinkedIn marketing strategy can help to increase sales volume and value. 


There you have it, exactly which B2B marketing goals LinkedIn can help you to achieve. As you can see, there are lots of ways the platform can benefit your business and we hope that this has enabled you to see the value of LinkedIn for your marketing strategy. 


Have you had success using LinkedIn for your B2B marketing goals? Let us know in the comments on our posts on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. Are you a B2B company that is looking to achieve marketing goals, but needs LinkedIn insight and expertise?


Let us know in the comments on our post on Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook.

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