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Why Barbie And Oppenheimer Should Be A Part Of Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy


It’s true that the Barbie and Oppenheimer movies are all the rave now, especially with the two movies breaking records as the 4th most successful box office premiere ever recorded.


This being said, we are not speaking about them specifically.

If you want to show that your brand is current and informed, getting involved in relevant conversations surrounding incoming box office releases is a great way of doing just that. 


Engage your audience

The odds are, your audience may have heard of these movies, whether through their own research, preferences or social media. By sharing your opinion on these films, shedding light on the techniques that the filmmakers used on social media and when marketing the films, you will not only grab your audience’s attention but also show them that you stay in the loop. 


You may think, ‘Everyone has already been talking about it so why should I?’ As we have seen with LinkedIn’s recent algorithm updates, the platform favours creators that share their perspectives. Share your own findings with your audience. You may be surprised by the way they respond.


Drive interactions

New releases are guaranteed topics of discussion among your audience. Including them in your marketing strategy taps into the excitement that already exists as people anticipate the premiers. Use this to create relevant content, such as carousels or polls, where you can encourage meaningful conversations with your followers. They might also be encouraged to share it with their own network, which will help you increase your brand visibility. 

Boost your content relevance and diversify your calendar

The latest cinema releases or films that are being ‘hyped’ up on social media platforms will already be a trending topic. By sharing content relating to these releases, you will keep your posts fresh and exciting. Your audience will be able to see that you are invested in relevant trends. 


Relevancy is something that we encourage Vulse users to maintain with their brand. We help our users with this by equipping them with a Live Trending News tool that helps them stay on top of relevant industry news that they can always speak about.


To content creators and marketers alike, use new film releases to your advantage when developing a social media strategy, especially on a platform like LinkedIn. It will show that you stay relevant by speaking on current topics. This in turn will drive engagement, help you reach new followers and ultimately increase your growth. Use our LinkedIn Post Analytics tool to monitor how your content performs and your brand grows.

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