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How the new LinkedIn Ad Library update can help your marketing


LinkedIn recently made updates to its Ad library feature that will help you gain an insight into how businesses are using brand partnerships in their campaigns. 


What is LinkedIn Ad Library?


LinkedIn ad library is a feature that allows users to explore and view ads that are running on the platform. Its aim is to increase transparency in advertising by providing information about advertisers, including their ad content, and the audience they are targeting. 


Prior to the most recent update, users could search for ads by advertisers' names, view the ad creative, and see a range of demographic information about the ad's audience, such as location, job titles, and industries. Now, LinkedIn has added a branded content library which allows users to find all influencer campaigns using keywords and dates.


Benefits of this new update


This new update is beneficial, especially for those looking to gain a competitive edge. With the vast amount of information available through this update, users can see how brands within their niche are using influencer partnerships.

This feature can also help you gain the information needed for a competitor analysis in your marketing efforts. Your business can use the Ad Library to gain insights into your competitor's advertising strategies, compare campaigns and see what type of content is working for a particular audience, as well as what is not working. By studying the ads that competitors were running and the audience they were targeting, you will be able to adjust your own strategies accordingly.


It is also a great resource to help you get inspired when planning content. With a wide range of ads to view within your industry, you can get new ideas for content creation and even partnerships that could benefit your brand. 

Through this update, LinkedIn is showing a new level of transparency with its users, in compliance with the new EU Digital Services Act, and providing a more trustworthy platform. With brand influencer partnerships on the rise, this feature will be essential for those looking to stay informed and ahead of the content being produced in their niche.

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