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International Development Agency Invests In Vulse


Cardiff-based developer, CarbonCode, has made a strategic investment to acquire 10 per cent of Vulse.


Vulse will be working with CarbonCode on our latest update, with the investment helping to create new features, reducing content creation times from hours to seconds.


Capitalising on the meteoric rise of employee advocacy and personal branding, Vulse combines the LinkedIn API, a unique post-scoring system, and algorithm knowledge to produce highly engaging posts.


Rob Illidge, CEO of Vulse said:

“This partnership will significantly improve our offering to users, providing new features whilst reducing post-creation times.

It’s a pleasure to work with the CarbonCode team, who are equally as passionate about developing engaging social media content”.


Co-founder at CarbonCode, Jay Williams, added:

“We have been following the progress of Vulse for a long time and we’re delighted to officially announce our partnership.

Rob and the team have built a market-disrupting product which we’re excited to support and accelerate the growth of.”


The investment will help support the integration of revolutionary AI features that will help our platform to significantly disrupt the content creation market, having partnered with Manchester Metropolitan University as part of the Greater Manchester AI Foundry.

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