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LinkedIn Is Testing TikTok-Style Short-Form Video


In professional networking, LinkedIn has long been known for its commitment to substantive content.


However, times are changing as LinkedIn unveils its latest innovation - a new video feature, which will revolutionise content consumption on the platform.


The Shift Towards Video Content


LinkedIn has been synonymous with informative articles and thought-provoking discussions. 


However, the rise of video content across social media platforms has prompted LinkedIn to adapt.


As Suzi Owens, a spokesperson for LinkedIn, revealed, the platform is now exploring new ways to facilitate the discovery of timely and relevant videos.


Introducing The Video Feature


Soon, users will notice a new "Video" option nestled alongside the familiar "Home" button in the app's navigation bar.


This feature promises to usher viewers into a curated feed of short-form videos, like popular formats found on Instagram Reels or TikTok.


This strategic move not only caters to evolving user preferences but also underscores LinkedIn's commitment to embracing diverse content formats.


Creator-Friendly Environment


Behind this transformation lies LinkedIn's concerted efforts to develop a more creator-friendly environment. 


Initiatives like the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator and a dedicated creator relations team have paved the way for this evolution.


By empowering creators, LinkedIn aims to enrich the platform with engaging and diverse content, ultimately enhancing the user experience.


The Implications for Professionals


For professionals and content creators alike, this development provides exciting opportunities.


The integration of video content creates new options for storytelling, personal branding, and knowledge sharing.


Whether it's showcasing expertise, providing insights, or connecting with audiences on a deeper level, the possibilities are endless.


What Video Content Means For LinkedIn Users


As LinkedIn jumps into the world of video content, it's shaking things up in a good way.


With this move, LinkedIn isn't just staying put - it's stepping up to become a leader in social networking, offering us a fresh and exciting way to connect and share.


As professionals, let's embrace this evolution and leverage the power of video to connect, inspire, and thrive.

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