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LinkedIn Launches Business Premium: Enhancing Company Page Engagement And Analytics


LinkedIn has introduced its new Premium Company Pages, which are part of LinkedIn's broader suite of premium offerings, including LinkedIn Premium Business. The new feature offers a variety of advanced tools and customisation options to boost engagement and provide deeper analytics.

Key Features of LinkedIn Premium Business Company Pages

The Premium Company Pages offer several new functionalities:

Advanced Analytics: Provides detailed insights to help businesses understand their audience and track engagement.

Customised Call-to-Actions: Allows businesses to drive specific actions from their page visitors, such as signing up for newsletters or downloading resources.

Enhanced Visual Customisation: Offers more options for visual customisation, including the use of rich media.

Access to LinkedIn Learning: Businesses with premium accounts also get access to LinkedIn Learning, which offers a wide range of online courses to enhance their team's skills.

LinkedIn Premium Costs and Availability

The new Premium Company Pages are available at a starting cost of $99 per month​ (Benzinga)​. The LinkedIn Premium cost is part of LinkedIn's broader premium pricing structure, which includes various plans such as LinkedIn Premium Career and LinkedIn Premium Business.

Impact of LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Business Engagement

LinkedIn’s Premium Company Pages aim to provide businesses with more powerful tools for enhancing their presence on the platform. LinkedIn Premium Business users can leverage advanced search filters and InMail capabilities to find high-quality leads, enhancing their business engagement. According to LinkedIn product lead Ora Levit, these new features are designed to help businesses accelerate their growth by leveraging LinkedIn’s extensive professional network.

Our Analysis

The introduction of Premium Company Pages offers significant enhancements for businesses using LinkedIn as a marketing tool. Businesses with a premium account can access advanced analytics and custom CTA buttons, which can potentially increase conversion rates. However, the subscription cost may be a consideration for smaller businesses. For those able to invest, the Premium Company Pages offer substantial potential benefits in engagement and strategic insights.

Wrapping Up: Premium Subscriptions

LinkedIn’s Premium Company Pages represent a strategic upgrade designed to enhance business engagement through advanced analytics and customisation options. While the price may be a factor for smaller businesses, the potential benefits make it a compelling option for those looking to maximise their LinkedIn presence. Despite the cost, the value and benefits of LinkedIn Premium make it a worthwhile investment for businesses looking to maximise their LinkedIn presence.

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