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LinkedIn Sponsored Newsletters: A New Advertising Option To Improve Reach And Lead Generation


LinkedIn has expanded its advertising options by introducing LinkedIn newsletters and sponsored newsletter articles, an extension of its sponsored articles feature launched in January.

This new tool allows companies to sponsor their newsletters, increasing brand awareness and engagement, and aligning with specific campaign objectives.

Currently, only newsletter articles authored by a company and part of an organic company page post can be sponsored.


With a 47% rise in newsletter engagement and over 184,000 newsletters published, LinkedIn’s user base shows a strong interest in this content format, supporting engagement campaign objectives.

Key Features and Benefits

Enhanced Reach: Sponsored newsletters enable brands to attract more sign-ups and reach a broader audience within their sector.

Lead Generation: This tool provides additional ways to gather information for future outreach, making it a valuable lead generation asset.

Content Library Integration: Brands can create and manage sponsored newsletters via the “Content Library” in Campaign Manager.

Company Page Integration: Only newsletter articles authored by a company and part of an organic company page post can be sponsored.

Engagement Campaigns: Sponsored newsletters are available in brand awareness and engagement campaigns.

Future Release: LinkedIn plans to allow sponsorship of member-authored newsletter articles in a future release.


LinkedIn is rolling out this feature gradually, so if it’s not yet available to you, it will be soon.


Learn more about setting up a sponsored newsletter campaign on LinkedIn’s official help pages.


By leveraging sponsored newsletters, brands can significantly enhance their marketing strategies, ensuring their content reaches and engages a targeted audience effectively.

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