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LinkedIn Unveils Insights On AI Utilisation In Marketing


LinkedIn has released new data showcasing how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in digital marketing strategies.


This report highlights the growing significance of AI marketing tools in enhancing marketing efforts, providing businesses with a competitive edge.


An AI marketing tool is crucial in automating decision-making processes, data analysis, and content generation. Key findings suggest that AI is increasingly employed to personalise customer interactions, optimise campaigns, and analyse customer behaviour and data more effectively. AI systems also help marketers personalise experiences across each customer journey stage.


The infographic also shows the future potential of AI, predicting broader adoption and more innovative applications in the marketing sector. It highlights the importance of AI-powered data analysis and predictive analytics in driving marketing success. Machine learning is also pivotal in improving SEO performance and predicting consumer behaviour.


LinkedIn’s blog elaborates on the maturation of AI marketing skills. It emphasises that as AI technologies evolve, marketers need to develop and refine their skills to harness AI’s full potential. The report outlines various stages of AI adoption, from initial experimentation to full integration, and highlights the importance of continuous learning and adaptation. Marketing automation and AI-enhanced marketing campaigns are becoming essential for modern marketing strategies. AI supports marketing teams in various tasks, such as scaling operations, gaining intelligent tools for customer insight, and improving marketing efficiency.


Integrating AI in marketing is not just about implementing new marketing tools but also about transforming how marketers think and operate. Natural language processing (NLP) also transforms customer interactions by automating customer service and creating tailored content. Companies that invest in upskilling their teams will likely see significant benefits, including improved efficiency, better customer insights, and more effective marketing strategies.


According to LinkedIn’s 2024 Global Marketing Jobs Outlook report, generative AI tools like ChatGPT are now integral to the work of most marketers, enhancing productivity and efficiency across various tasks. LinkedIn’s internal data shows that more marketing leaders are adding AI skills to their profiles, indicating a significant shift towards AI literacy in marketing.


Specifically, prompt engineering, generative art, and tools like Midjourney and DALL-E have become popular among marketers.


Generative AI is transforming how marketers generate content, with 58% of B2B marketers planning to use AI to produce more content in less time and 55% aiming to increase efficiency to focus on higher-value work. 


51% of marketers leverage AI to create optimised and engaging content that resonates with their target audience. The ability to build more creative campaigns and gain a competitive advantage are also key drivers for AI adoption in marketing.


A notable trend is that 71% of marketing leaders prefer hiring candidates with AI literacy over more experienced individuals lacking these skills. This shift highlights the growing importance of AI competencies in the marketing industry.


In conclusion, as AI matures, marketers must invest in learning and adapting to these technologies to stay competitive. For a comprehensive understanding of these insights and the detailed stages of AI skill development in marketing, you can read more on LinkedIn’s business blog here.


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