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LinkedIn adds new AI content tool, Accelerate


As LinkedIn works to further integrate AI into the platform, they have introduced a new AI tool, Accelerate, that makes the process of creating a campaign more efficient. 


What is Accelerate?


This tool automates marketing campaign creation for B2B companies using the power of AI. With the help of Accelerate, users can create targeted campaigns in a fraction of the time it had previously taken with the classic campaign builder.


How does it work?


When you log in to Campaign Manager on LinkedIn, you will have the option to choose the classic campaign builder or use Accelerate to help the process. 

Starting the process is simple. Users need to put in the URL of the product they’re advertising and then allow AI to analyse it. The system will also analyse your company page and previous LinkedIn ads before recommending a campaign. With this information collected, AI will then build creatives and an audience. Once this is done, the user can make adjustments to and refine the campaign. 


The tool also provides an ‘assist’ button that will allow users to receive recommendations to improve their campaign performance. This will give users the ability to ask specific questions such as “What are some best practices for targeting?” and shed a whole new light on the user’s understanding of their campaign.


Accelerate is bringing several existing AI tools on LinkedIn together, such as predictive audience, to help users optimise their campaigns and reach a wider, relevant audience.


How will you know if the campaign is effective?


The Accelerate tool will provide users with an Automated Performance Summary Report, which will show you important performance metrics such as impressions, clicks, cost per key result, campaign results and overall spending. This will help you further understand the success of your campaign and help you develop a strategy in the future.

With the way AI is reshaping the workplace, LinkedIn’s steps to integrate it into the platform are being received well by users, particularly by marketers and creators. It is an exciting time to be building your digital presence on LinkedIn.


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