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LinkedIn Has Announced New Approaches To Data Collection


Recently privacy laws have been continuously changing, as consumers ask for more control over their data. Social media platforms have to constantly keep evolving to keep up with this. They need to make sure marketers can still reach their target audiences. This is why LinkedIn has announced new approaches to data collection and ad targeting.


LinkedIn’s new process will allow for more options when targeting audience segments. This will bypass the need to specify audiences. This includes LinkedIn’s new ‘Group Identity’ approach, whereby they leverage first-party data based on shared professional identity information. 


“With Group Identity for B2B, we leverage our first-party data to group members together based on shared professional identity attributes, such as seniority and industry. This process helps you reach your intended audiences across channels, like the LinkedIn Audience Network, without the need for individual-level tracking across sites,” LinkedIn said.


Additionally, you will be able to reach users on third-party sites, who are a part of LinkedIn’s audience. This will allow for more ways to reach your target audience without having to specify your audience.


LinkedIn is also testing machine learning models. These will be able to report and estimate campaign conversations. Tracking is now harder after Apple’s ATT update conversion. However, LinkedIn is looking to continue providing these insights with more accurate conversion modelling.


The accuracy of this is yet to be determined. 


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