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LinkedIn introduces ‘Recruiter 2024 Project’ with AI-powered tools


LinkedIn is integrating generative AI tools to help people better manage the HR process. The project, named ‘Recruiter 2024’ will see the recruitment process ‘reimagined’ on the platform. These tools will help recruiters find qualified talent more efficiently and in a fraction of the time it is known to take. According to a report by LinkedIn, 80% of global HR professionals believe that AI will be a tool to help them with their work over the next five years. With LinkedIn’s commitment to creating a more accessible and efficient platform, we believe this will be true.


What can you do in Recruiter?


This new LinkedIn Recruiter process has in-app language commands. For example, you can ask it to find you “I want to hire a senior growth marketing leader”, and the Recruiter program will guide you through the process to get relevant information and potential contacts. 


LinkedIn is using the information its users choose to share wisely, such as the choice to show whether they’re open for work or if they show particular interest in a company. This will allow the platform to expand the search for recruiters. The search can be modified to expand targeted locations or change the working style offered, hybrid, remote or on-site, depending on the potential candidates in the area. 

The platform is also launching CRM Connect, an exciting new feature that connects LinkedIn Recruiter to CRM systems to allow efficiency when working between both systems.

The head of recruiting technology and innovation at Siemens, Markus Kumpf said, “We aim to ensure exceptional recruiting experiences through innovative solutions, and we are excited to partner with LinkedIn on this journey. We look forward to using new Recruiter 2024 features like the AI search experience to make finding the right candidates easier for our recruiters.”

Improvements for LinkedIn Learning


As well as helping recruiters, LinkedIn is also lending a helping hand to those looking to improve their skills through LinkedIn Learning. With the increase of interest in AI-related courses, LinkedIn is expanding its educational library. To assist users, the platform has introduced AI-powered coaching. This feature will be similar to a chatbox, where users can get personalised, real-time advice and feedback related to their job, industry and skills they follow.

LinkedIn has already begun testing this feature out with two learning skills that are in high demand, leadership and management, by offering real-time advice. The tool will ask you further questions to gain a clearer insight into your experience, then it will offer relevant advice. 

This new tool will also speed up the process of finding relevant courses for users by giving personalised course and video recommendations so that they know where to begin.


These tools are being rolled out and tested within a limited group of users. We are excited to follow their progression and watch as LinkedIn evolves for Recruiters and learners.

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