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LinkedIn updates its accessibility features with Microsoft Tool


LinkedIn has been working to improve features across the platform to make it more accessible for all users. This newest feature update will see all articles created on LinkedIn published through its parent company, Microsoft’s immersive reader system. 


The immersive reader system


The immersive reader system provides a wealth of benefits for users. It will allow users to use features such as translations, text-to-speech and even isolate language within the article.

For those who are visually impaired, the system provides additional functionalities that help them to understand content in an easier way. Its different communication options allow this tool to appeal to a wide range of users and build connections on the LinkedIn platform. 


Why is this feature important?

On a platform like LinkedIn, it is essential that there is inclusivity and equal access for all users. This helps to break barriers for people with visual or auditory disabilities and allows them to equally make the most of LinkedIn’s potential for network-building and knowledge-sharing. 

Improved accessibility features also allow LinkedIn content to reach more niche audiences.  The platform can also harness the diverse talents and perspectives of its user base. This enhances the overall user experience of the platform, making it more valuable for every user.

This new tool will be applied to all LinkedIn publisher posts.


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