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LinkedIn Updates You Need to Know for September 2023


LinkedIn continues to make changes to the platform that will help users personalise their feeds and see relevant content. 


You may remember in the July updates, there were major changes made in a move to prioritise more professional and informative content. These recent updates aim to do the same thing. There are three major things to note from this update:


There is a bigger focus on hashtags


Hashtags are widely used on the LinkedIn platform. They help users enhance the visibility of their content. They also help those looking for information and trending topics to find them quickly. By engaging with posts that include similar hashtags as well as posting about specific hashtags yourself, the algorithm will recognise this and bring more content relating to these hashtags to your feed.


Overall, hashtags are an essential part of a LinkedIn strategy which is why we encourage them when you’re creating content.  

Users will see more content from people and companies they follow and engage with the most


LinkedIn wants to make sure its users are seeing more of what they like first when it comes to getting information. The more you interact with others through likes, comments and reshares, the more of their content you will see. 


This is particularly important if you are building a personal brand. Your audience wants to see that you are consistently speaking to them about relevant topics and giving them advice in your field of expertise. When creating content, our theme planner can be of great help to give you structure and a consistent flow of ideas. 


Posts will gain more engagement over time


It is still important to review your analytics frequently and find the time your audience is most active and willing to engage. This being said, don’t be afraid if you don’t see results as quickly as before. Your content will remain visible in the early days and you will see more engagement over time, particularly on the second and third days.


These updates from LinkedIn will enhance user experience, creating more interesting and relevant feeds that are tailored to the interests of each user, whether they are seeking professional advice or building their personal brand. We’re excited to see how the platform will evolve over the next few months.


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