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Improve Your B2B Marketing With LinkedIn's New Website Actions Tracking


LinkedIn has added to its digital marketing tools with "Website Actions" a new ad-tracking feature designed to bridge the gap between in-stream LinkedIn activities and website responses.


This new tool, powered by the LinkedIn Insight Tag, allows marketers to connect their LinkedIn ads with tangible actions taken on their websites, allowing for more refined ad measurement and optimisation.


Simplifying Response Tracking


Website Actions offers an approach to tracking a variety of response activities on your website, eliminating the need for complex coding for each action.


This user-friendly feature enables marketers to select specific actions of interest, such as form submissions or page views, to tailor ad audiences and gather precise data points for better campaign analysis.


LinkedIn elaborates on the purpose behind Website Actions:


"This feature is crafted to ease the tracking of web actions, empowering B2B marketers to capture and assess website engagements directly through the LinkedIn Insight Tag, sans additional tracking codes. It's a step towards more autonomous retargeting and performance measurement, facilitating a deeper understanding of campaign efficacies for marketers."



The Essence Of Website Actions For B2B Marketers


Understanding and attributing website activity to specific campaigns has always been challenging for B2B marketers, often requiring intricate coding skills.


Website Actions aims to simplify this process, making it accessible even to those with minimal coding experience.


The introduction of this tool aims to improve how marketers retarget, measure, and ultimately, optimise their ad budgets for maximum impact.


Empowering Marketers To Drive Superior Results


With Website Actions, LinkedIn is handing the reins over to marketers, enabling them to:


  • Enhance Retargeting: Craft highly targeted campaigns based on specific user actions, increasing ad relevance and effectiveness.
  • Improve Measurement Accuracy: Obtain reliable data to assess the true impact of your campaigns.
  • Optimise Ad Spend: Allocate your budget more effectively, focusing on actions that drive value.


Real-World Success With Website Actions


Early adopters of Website Actions have reported significant successes:


  • Cognism saw a tripling in conversion rates by utilising Website Actions to create intent-based audience segments for personalised campaigns.
  • Bottomline experienced a 50% jump in click-through rates, leveraging Website Actions for smarter lead generation and retargeting.
  • LinkedIn Marketing Labs achieved an 83% increase in course completion rates by using Website Actions to track and retarget learners effectively.

Embark on Your Website Actions Journey


Ready to improve your B2B marketing strategy? Website Actions is an option for more efficient ad tracking, enabling you to capture key website interactions effortlessly.


Start by integrating the LinkedIn Insight Tag into your website and monitor ad performance and retargeting efforts.

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