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LinkedIn’s new generative AI tools for Sales Navigator


LinkedIn Sales Navigator already offers a wide range of benefits for sales professionals and businesses. With its advanced search and lead generation tools, it allows users to identify and connect with potential clients or partners. 

With real-time insights into the activities of potential contacts, Sales Navigator enables you to engage with them at the best times and personalise your method of contact. This tool also provides access to a vast network of professionals and increases networking opportunities. When it comes to streamlining the sales process, this tool is key for users, so we were excited to hear that they added new generative AI tools to aid the process.


The new additions that have been made to LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps users to refine their search for new contacts. There are two new major features:

Filter by AI


No, LinkedIn is not trying to rival Molly-Mae’s tan brand. This feature helps users to strengthen their searches with more filtering options. You will be able to narrow your search with more prompts and queries, making your workflow much more simple and efficient.


This feature will also help you expand your research pool. Using this feature is sure to unlock a new range of opportunities for you and your business objectives. 


Account IQ


This feature is particularly unique as it uses generative AI to give the user a summary about potential contacts. This includes their financial information, key news relating to the contact, strategic priorities of their business and more.


This is helpful when developing a pitch. By having this information on hand, you can tailor your communications to the contact and tell them exactly how you can meet their needs.

LinkedIn reported that user interest in generative AI is on the rise, with AI being a recurring topic across many industries. Other additions that have been made on the platform include AI prompts, profile summaries and job listings. 


From the recent feature updates to the platform’s tools, it is evident that LinkedIn is listening to its users and working to integrate AI to improve user experience. This update will strengthen sales teams and help them to continue to identify the right contacts to drive growth and success in their businesses.


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