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Manage your LinkedIn pages with these 6 tips


Being in charge of multiple accounts can be a challenging job. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you are responsible for different individuals and businesses. Especially when it comes to making sure you haven’t posted content to the wrong account. Here are six ways that you can make your social media management duties easier. 


Differentiate the content for each account

Each LinkedIn account you manage has a unique audience. Tailor your content to suit the audience and objectives accordingly. This means that you will have to customise the messaging, tone of voice, and visual style to align with the specific interests of the intended target audience. Clearly define the purpose and objectives for each LinkedIn account and this will help you create a clear strategy, understand your goals and stay focused. 


Create a content calendar

This can be related back to our first point. Developing a content calendar will also help you clearly differentiate the type of content you create for each LinkedIn account. This ensures a consistent posting schedule and helps you maintain a balanced mix of different content, including industry news, relevant articles, and engaging visuals.


Stay professional and consistent

Regardless of the number of accounts you manage, it is important to maintain professionalism and brand consistency across all of them. Each of them will require a different online personality. Ensure that the language in your messaging, visuals, and interactions align with the overall brand image and values for each account.


Monitor and engage

Keep a close eye on your content. Regularly monitor the activity and engagement on each LinkedIn account to gain insight into how your audience is feeling about your content. Respond to comments, messages, and (on personal accounts) connection requests in a timely manner. Show your target audience that you are actively engaged by getting involved in relevant discussions and sharing valuable insights.


Stay up to date with LinkedIn features

LinkedIn updates features regularly and gives insights into how they can benefit the users on the platform. Stay informed about these features, algorithm changes, and best practices to help you optimise your content performance on your multiple accounts. You can do this by monitoring news on the platform or getting it delivered straight to your inbox with the Vulse newsletter. Sign up here if you haven’t already.


Use social media management tools


Social media management tools, like Vulse, can help you manage multiple accounts and also save you time. Our platform allows you to streamline content creation, schedule posts in advance, and monitor analytics for each account on a unique dashboard. You can learn more about our Multiple Accounts Management tool. 


By implementing these strategies, you can effectively manage multiple LinkedIn accounts, maximise their impact, and engage with your audience successfully. 


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