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How To Reach Out To A Wider Audience Through LinkedIn's Top Features


Do you want to expand your following on LinkedIn? LinkedIn has many features, some of which you may be unaware even exist. Through LinkedIn’s top features you are able to connect with untapped audiences, create a community, increase engagement and most importantly, grow.


Keep on reading to find out how:


Let Your Work Do The Talking


Your LinkedIn profile provides only a snapshot of what you and your organisation stand for. 


It’s vital for it to be as eye-catching and interesting as possible to help increase connections and followers. 


Use the ‘Featured’ section wisely and use captivating copy that will draw people in within seconds. 


Highlight work that you are most proud of and pin it to this section. Demonstrate your expertise, knowledge and experience.

What work are you especially proud of? What work do you think people will be most interested in reading about?


This section presents a perfect opportunity to showcase your brand in a way that stands out from your competitors. 


One Of LinkedIn’s Top Features: Polls


Polls were introduced on LinkedIn to enable users to engage and interact on the platform in a different way.


This feature can be used from your individual profile or even your company page.


By using this tool, you are able to find out what your audience’s preferences are when it comes to your content.


You can see how many people voted – who they are and what they voted for.

Be creative, reach out to your audience and tailor your content to suit their specific needs. 


Create Events


You can now create events through your company page. 

If you are an organisation who wants to educate your audience on a specific topic or connect with your customers on a different level, why not delve in and create a virtual webinar? 


Especially in the current climate, online webinars are thriving and more people are seeking to be educated virtually on a more personal level.

These events help to get to know your audience and even spread awareness of your page.


Through word of mouth, people will want to join your events and will consequently follow your page. 


Go Live


Another way to connect with your audience is through going Live.

This feature allows you to broadcast live video content to your followers in real time.


However, in order to be able to use this feature you will need to apply to become a LinkedIn Live broadcaster by completing an application*.

Once your application has been approved we guarantee that you will reap the rewards…


Do you use any of LinkedIn’s top features? 


Don’t wait any longer, get free access to Vulse today.




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