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Top 5 Ways To Grow Followers On LinkedIn


It is important to grow your business’s presence through the power of LinkedIn and a great way to do that is by increasing your followers.


There are several different ways to get your brand name out there, that’s why we have outlined our top 5 tips that you need to follow.


Carry on reading to find out more…


Invite Your Connections 


In order to gain followers a great tip is to regularly invite first-degree connections to follow your page with the ‘Invite to follow’ tool.

Every month you have 100 credits to invite people, so use these wisely and reach out to people who are your target audience and will likely follow your page.


Add A Follow Button To Your Website


Another great time to gain followers is to add a ‘Follow’ button to your website, blog or newsletter. This is a simple yet effective way to ensure your readers and target audience follow you on LinkedIn.

More often, your followers don’t realise you are active on all of the platforms you’re on, so it’s important to let this be known through an interactive button which is easy to use.

If you want to install the button, head here to follow a step by step guide. 


Become A Thought Leader


In order for people to follow your page, you need to draw them in with the content you are publishing. 


Content needs to grab the attention of LinkedIn users, and an effective way to do this is through thought leadership content.

According to LinkedIn, 88% of business decision-makers agree that thought leadership content plays a crucial role in uplifting their perception of an organization.


So what is classed as thought leadership content?


This type of content can consist of industry news, trends or even company updates. It’s all about starting a conversation and sharing exciting news or information your audience wants to know.


This type of content can be shared in three different ways, these include:

  • Short-form posts
  • Long-form posts
  • Third-party articles
  • Infographics


Don’t Be Shy, Join In On The Conversation


Whilst being a thought leader is important, you shouldn’t forget to also engage in other people’s content.

Doing this instantly builds a sense of community between yourself and your followers.

Sharing your thoughts on specific topics is just as important in creating your own unique posts as it will make you come across as more personable, friendly and crucially, active.


Get Your Employees Involved 


As a business, the main part of your brand’s DNA is the people who work there.


That’s why it’s important to ensure that your employees have their own presence on LinkedIn and make sure that their work experience is up to date.

When someone states that they work at your company, this will be linked to your business’s page instantly. This shows a personal side to your business by revealing the faces behind the brand.


To ensure your content gets the reach it deserves, regularly share your latest posts with your colleagues so they can engage instantly. 


Don’t stop there, if your employees share news about your company or a recent achievement, celebrate this on your company’s page as well.

Have you found these tips useful?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments on our post on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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