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Top 5 Ways To Create Engaging Content On LinkedIn: Part 2


LinkedIn is the go-to professional network that has quickly evolved from where people congratulate each other for getting a job promotion, to a proven platform for businesses to build their brand further.


It’s important to keep in mind that posting content is just the first step and engagement is the most important aspect. Many companies don’t know how to get it right with LinkedIn posts, which are often either boring or too try-hard.  


LinkedIn provides opportunities to attract and communicate with audiences in new ways but how can your company do this? Here we outline our tried and tested top 5 ways to create engaging content on LinkedIn. 


Catch Attention With Video

Compared to other social media platforms, users spend less time on LinkedIn meaning they scroll quickly and efficiently. This is where video-led content can be a useful way to engage audiences by grabbing their attention with an eye-catching video to break up their feed.  It comes as no surprise that videos are beginning to dominate LinkedIn. Straight to the point and visually stimulating videos provide lots of information with less effort required from users. Ultimately meaning less scrolling and more watching.  Videos on LinkedIn can be between 3 seconds and 10 minutes. This means that short, GIF style videos can be posted, all the way to more in-depth discussion videos. From embedded to native video, and even video ads, there are plenty of ways to create and post video content on LinkedIn.  With people spending around an hour on YouTube every day this shows there is high demand for video content, so why not get these users engaged with LinkedIn videos instead?


Write Content Worth Reading

Producing stories that hook your audience is important. LinkedIn has over 2 million posts a day meaning it can be hard to cut through the noise so content needs to actually appeal to your audience. Content needs to catch the attention of readers to make sure they don’t scroll past on to the next post. So, understanding who your audience is and what kind of content hooks them is important. Vulse’s content scoring feature means the hard work is done for you. It allows you to understand how engaging content is in real-time. As you write it you can see how well your new content scores so forget ever writing content that your followers will scroll past again. 


Interact To Create Two-way Conversations

Responding to comments is key to facilitating and boosting engagement, posting the content is just step one.  Assuming that people will like, comment and share your content is wrong. You need to facilitate this extra engagement by commenting on the post yourself to start the discussions such as asking for feedback or the audience’s opinions.  Communicate with your LinkedIn followers as you would in real life and start conversations to gain greater insights and viewpoints from your audience. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the greater engagement.  


Provide Real Value To Your Audience 

Whilst sharing links on LinkedIn is common practice, your audience has probably had enough of having to click off the platform, increasing the chances of them scrolling straight past these types of posts.  Provide value by writing engaging content directly to keep people on the platform. Hook your followers with an original and interesting story.  Vulse can help you out with this, especially if you’re lacking ideas. Through the use of AI, the content scorer and hashtag checker will optimise the quality of your content. This will inevitably strengthen your presence on LinkedIn instantly. 


Plan Out Content In Advance

One good post with lots of likes, shares and comments isn’t enough. You need to be consistently engaging and a way to achieve this is by carefully pre-planning content. Don’t overdo it however, posting more than once a day has been found to result in reduced engagement. Utilising a post scheduler, such as the one integrated as a feature by Vulse, will enable you to queue posts and visualise how many posts are ready to be published.  Hashtag use is also an important aspect to focus on. Part of planning out content ensuring that relevant and relatable hashtags are part of the copy.  Are you a company needing extra help on how to create engaging LinkedIn posts?  Look no further, Vulse is on hand to assist you. Contact us today to find out more about how Vulse can help.    Let us know what you think of our top five ways to create engaging content on LinkedIn on our post on Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook. Want to find out about LinkedIn's update to 'People You May Know'?Then head over here to give our recent blog a read.

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