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Top Five Ways To Create Engaging Content On LinkedIn: Part 1


Finding ways to create engaging content on LinkedIn is becoming harder. With over 900 million users and constant growth, it’s likely that sometimes your posts are being lost in the all-important LinkedIn algorithm and getting no engagement in return. 


Here are our top five ways to create engaging content on LinkedIn. 


Plan Out A Linkedin Content Strategy


Before we get started on how to create engaging content on LinkedIn, here’s something to think about before creating content. 


A content strategy is used to help map out the content you want to be putting out each week. This is similar to a diary but for posts. This ensures that you’re sharing an even mix of insightful content.


Here’s a tip: before deciding on content, decide first what the goal of the post information is to map out what you want to achieve.


Post About Industry Research And News Updates


LinkedIn users are always searching for content about their industry. Think about the industry users you want to attract and share updates on industry news and trends. For example, you could share a new Facebook update that’s been announced. 


Catering to your target users is the best way to consistently create engaging content.


Be Authentic And Consistent


On LinkedIn, the posts with the highest engagement are usually those showing their personality and authentic selves. Don’t try to force yourself to be someone you’re not. Use your content to share your own stories and experiences.


Consistency is key to improving your engagement. Not only does this make users look forward to you posting new content, but also the algorithm for all social media platforms is to push posts created by consistent users to the top of feeds. 


Post A Variety Of Content 


Carrying on from the previous discussion point, another way to get the algorithm on your side is to post a variety of content.


If you’ve posted a story about something that happened at work, incorporate an image in the next. Even a relatable meme?


This is also where creating a content strategy comes into play (section 1). This makes it easy to see all of your planned posts and decide if there’s enough variety. 


Engage With Other Posts


This point is an extra tip to create engaging content on LinkedIn. Engaging with other users’ posts is a surefire way to improve your engagement in response. Say that you see a post relating to your industry that you agree with, let the creator know this by reacting and commenting. They’re likely to do the same in turn and other users are likely to see your engagement. 


What are your thoughts on these methods? Have they worked for you? Let us know what you think on our Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook pages.


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