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Vulse expansion into Asia Pacific


After being named as one of the tech trailblazers of 2023 in Manchester, we are excited to share that we are starting an exciting journey of expansion into the Pacific Asia region. 


We will be joining tech founders from across the United Kingdom and will travel to Hong Kong in November to explore opportunities for expansion. This move is being made as part of our long-term mission to broaden our reach and make an impact in growing tech hubs internationally.


Our CEO, Rob Illidge, said “It's an exciting time, especially with the region looking to be a world leader in AI.


The city has a thriving tech ecosystem. There's a mix of startups, established tech giants, and supportive government policies, which will help us with growth and innovation.


We've also found the quality of developers to be incredibly high, which is a huge plus when building an online platform”.


We will be travelling to nurture Vulse's presence in the city. With an office already set up, we are looking forward to building our platform within the thriving tech ecosystem of Hong Kong.


As we begin this new adventure into Pacific Asia, we look forward to leveraging the region's global reputation as a hub for innovation and collaboration. It has a dynamic ecosystem and access to a highly skilled talent pool, which provides an exciting opportunity for growth. We can't wait to explore this new region, which provides an ideal environment for the next chapter of our growth story.


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