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Vulse recognised amongst top rising startups in UK & Europe


This month has been one full of wins for the Vulse team. We are proud to say that we have been featured as one of the Tech Climbers in Manchester for 2023 as well as one of the Startups of the Month by Vestbees.


Tech Climbers is a platform that recognises businesses that are contributing to the tech ecosystem across the UK. Their latest report in Greater Manchester highlights top-performing, product-led startups in the region and further gives a platform for these businesses to raise their profiles.


Vulse has also been featured in Vestbee’s Startups of the Month for October. This platform sheds light on startups from all across Europe that are gaining traction. Their articles empower founders and startups, helping them to reach new, wider audiences and connect them with investors. 


We are grateful to be featured alongside some amazing businesses who, like us, are contributing to the progression of their industry and creating groundbreaking products to change the digital landscape for the better. 


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