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What Is The Pronunciation Feature On LinkedIn?


The pronunciation feature is a recent addition to the profile of LinkedIn members. It is recording, taped by the profile owner which allows a clear, precise pronunciation of a person’s name. In the professional sphere, it is extremely important to say people’s names properly and in the way they desire.


Earlier this year, Vice President of the USA, Kamala Harris brought attention to the importance of pronouncing people’s names correctly. She wants to emphasise  “an important signal that there’s no excuse for failing to master names.” Linkedin is a huge platform for careers and employment. By pioneering such an important initiative, it is imperative that you make full use of this feature. 


How Easy Is It To Use And Why Should You Use It? 


The feature is simple and easy to use! Just tap the speaker icon next to your name, hold the phone around 4 inches from your mouth and say your name clearly, being sure to pronounce each syllable of your first and last name. While the pronunciation is only available to create on the IOS and Android apps, its feature can be accessed via LinkedIn online so employers and other connections can learn to pronounce people’s names correctly.


By taking the initiative to increase inclusivity with this feature, Linkedin allows for a far more pleasant and enjoyable working experience for all members of staff; optimising what you can achieve as a team. Your name is a very personal piece of information so Linkedin enables you to control who can hear how to pronounce your name.


How Will It Impact Your Business? 


While many interviewee’s prepare to present the best version of themselves for their potential employer. It is equally as important to make a good first impression, pronouncing a client’s name correctly can leave a lasting impression and could be the difference between them choosing you over your competitors. 


How many of your employees have used the pronunciation feature on LinkedIn?


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