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Who Are Gen Z And Why Are They Important To Cater To? 


Gen Z is the term used to group together people born between 1996 and 2012. They’ve been raised with technology and social media and are said to be one of the most progressive generations yet. The older members of this demographic are leaving university and college and starting to enter the workplace with a unique skill set. Living through a pandemic, the rise and fall of different social media and competitive job markets mean this generation has a whole new way of entering their working life. 


Linkedin is an online community that helps potential employees connect with people in the same field as them. Gen Z is the next major demographic of their website, so LinkedIn has been pushed to change for the better. According to recent research, 62% of Gen Z believe that diversity is beneficial in every sector of society. Already there are currently 78 million people within this demographic who are members on Linkedin. Since the start of 2020, their engagement has been 2.7 times higher. 


Linkedin’s choice to listen and pay attention to their ever-expanding demographic has led them to hire specialists. They make their service far more accessible to neurodivergent people and people with disabilities.


As an employer, is your Linkedin appealing to Gen Z? What changes can you make to appeal to this audience? Let us know your thoughts on InstagramLinkedIn or Facebook.



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