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How To Expand Your Reach On LinkedIn

Expand Your Reach On LinkedIn

In order to reach a wider audience with your LinkedIn content, it’s important to know what tools you should be using.

LinkedIn has recently upgraded a few of its tools, so you can reach a wider audience quickly and efficiently. From new Event Ads, to a Boost option for organic posts.

Carry on reading to find out more…

Increase Event Attendees Instantly

LinkedIn has just introduced a brand new ad format, Event Ads

This will help you promote your events and increase attendees.

The new feature will appear within your audience’s feed, so you can get your promotion seen. It will also provide you with the opportunity to add in key details about the event for example:

  • Date of the event.
  • The time that the event is taking place.
  • How to join the event.

Not only this but LinkedIn has upgraded its analytics with its brand new Event Analytics so you can measure the organic reach and engagement from the one place.

Boosting Has Arrived

Get ready to be excited, you are now able to ‘Boost’ any of your organic pieces of content.

But what will this mean?

You will be able to reach wider, broader audiences with your existing content, so you’ve guessed it, the engagement of your posts will increase.

To try out this new option, all you have to do is click the ‘Boost’ button, then add in your payment details and away you go.

Custom Streaming for LinkedIn Live

Are you an avid user of the Live tool on LinkedIn?

If you are, this might interest you.

LinkedIn has announced that it is introducing a brand new Custom Streaming tool.

This new tool will allow you to live-stream via different broadcast platforms.

These include: 

  • Zoom
  • WebEx
  • OBS
  • Microsoft Teams (available to use in the upcoming months) 

Not only this but you will also have the option to go live now, schedule a stream for later or even manage upcoming streams you have planned.

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