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How To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out From The Crowd

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

Are you a small business owner using LinkedIn but lacking in profile views on your page and want to stand out from the crowd?

Then follow these top tips to expand your businesses awareness through the power of a great profile. 

Carry on reading to find out more…

Match Your Cover Image To Your Brand

A great way to ensure your business gets the recognition it deserves is to ensure your cover image matches your brand’s logo. Things to consider are:

  • Is the same font used?
  • Does your business logo feature on the image?
  • Are the same brand colours used?

Doing this will mean your audience will recognise your brand more easily, and likely follow your page. You need to ensure that your branding is seamless across all your social platforms, including your LinkedIn page.

Summarise Your Company In A Clear And Concise Way

Your headline is the line right below your company’s name. 

Use this as a chance to summarise what your business specialises in.

Our top tips are:

  • Pick three key adjectives that describe your company – this will draw your audience’s attention.
  • Use a hashtag in your headline – this could be #smallbusiness or #techcompany for example.
  • Include where you are based – for example, if you are a global company then state it.

And remember, you only have 120 characters so make every word count. 

Stay Active

In order to boost followers on LinkedIn, an important tip is to stay active and post regularly.

We recommend posting 1-2 times per day.

But why?

This will enable you to establish a trusted, consistent voice with your audience.

Also, if your audience sees that you are posting valuable content regularly, they will more likely follow you and engage with your company’s profile.

How do you make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments on our post on Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook and don’t forget to sign up to Vulse today.